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The Victoria Nikkei Cultural Society – Celebrating Japanese-Canadian Culture

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Workshops to learn Kimono and Japanese Culture

Workshops to learn Kimono and Japanese Culture in February, 2017.
Call 250-384-6542 to register at Cook Street Village Activity Center (380 Cook St #1)

2017年2月Cook Street Village Activity Centre (380 Cook St #1) にて

ご登録は250-384-6542 までお電話ください

In this global community, more people seem to enjoy Japanese influenced style, fashion and food on a daily basis. Even though going to Japanese restaurants or eating sushi seems to be common fair here in Canada, Japanese cultural matters are not very well known or understood yet. Through these kimono and Japanese culture workshops, we can learn traditional Japanese customs and basic Japanese social manners.

世界の様々な文化が混ざった 社会であるカナダでは、 日本の影響を受けたスタイルやファッションや食べ物はすでに多くの人々の日常的な暮らしに溶け込んでいます。日本食レストランへ行って寿司を食べるなどは誰もがしていることですが、日本文化が正しく理解されているか、は まだまだこれからのように思われます。日本の伝統文化やマナーは着物を着る文化と深く繋がっている という視点から、このワークショップは企画されました。日本の伝統的慣習や文化を考える機会を作ってみませんか?

The instructor/lecturer is Hitomi Harama, Kimono and Japanese culture specialist.

講師は 原馬仁美(はらまひとみ)

Two types of workshops are:


1) 6pm-7:30pm, February 9th (Thursday), 2017, at the cozy lounge with a fire place.
An informative talk session about history of kimono and the kimono related Japanese cultural matters, including PowerPoint presentation and some kimono demonstration.


2) 10am-11:30am, February 17th and 24th (Friday), 2017
Two consecutive classes to learn how to wear traditional Japanese Kimono.
We will learn basics of wearing kimono together with protocols of kimono coordination. Students bring their own kimono to practice. For those who don’t own kimono but would like to take these classes, please contact “kimono@umesilk.com”—rental kimono may be available.

2月17日と24日(金曜日) 午前10時〜11時半

The session fees are:

1) $5 for CSVAC members & $7 for non-members
CSVAC CSVAC 会員は$5、一般は $7

2) $8 for CSVAC members & $10 for non-members ($16 & $20 for two consecutive classes)
CSVAC 会員は$8、一般は $10 (2回クラス分、$16 と$20)

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