2023 Annual General Meeting – Sunday, Feb 12

2023 AGM Announcement

Please join us for an exciting time at the VNCS AGM.  Hear about the amazing things the VNCS accomplished in 2022.  Find out whether we are wealthy or poor.  Have fun participating in the democratic election of the Board of Directors and the Officers.  It will be an event you don’t want to miss.

Sunday, February 12, 2023 – 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM
Esquimalt Recreation Centre, Pioneer A Room

On a serious note you will definitely want to be present for our guest speaker, Bradley Kurushima.  Bradley will show and talk about The Kiln Project video.  The Kiln Project is a dance film created collaboratively between BC-based artists Shion Skye Carter, filmmaker Brenda Kent Colina, and musician Prince Shima (aka Bradley Kurushima), filmed at a late-19th century Japanese charcoal pit kiln on Galiano Island, BC. Bradley would screen the 18 minute video and then talk about his experience and what he learned about the charcoal kiln pits on Galiano.

2023 AGM Schedule

  • 9:30 AM — Registration: coffee, tea, muffins, etc
  • 9:45 AM — AGM Call to Order
    • Land Acknowledgement
    • Approval of Agenda
    • Approval of Minutes of Annual General Meeting held Feb 27, 2022
  • 10:00am
    • Reports
      • President’s Report – Tsugio Kurushima
      • Treasurer’s Report – Ken Watai
      • Newsletter/Communications Report – Yukari Peerless
      • Website Report – Craig Mercer
      • Heritage Committee Report – Natsuki Abe
      • Uminari Taiko Report – Susan Kurushima
      • Furusato Dancers Report – Tsugio Kurushima
      • Sakura Fujinkai Report – Susan Kurushima
      • Cultural Fair Report – Craig Mercer
      • NAJC Report – Tsugio Kurushima
      • Membership Report – Tony Ibaraki
      • Human Rights Committee Report – Tsugio Kurushima
  • 11:00 AM — Election of Officers & Directors
  • 11:15 AM — AGM Adjournment

Snack Break

  • 11:30 PM-12:00 PM — Guest Speaker: Bradley Kurushima – Galiano Island Charcoal Kiln Pits

NOTE: To vote at the AGM you must be a paid up member of the VNCS.  You can pay your membership at the AGM or do it online through our Web site.