Nori Tori :: 海苔採り (Seaweed Harvesting)

Annual Nori Tori Event

It’s usually cold, wet, windy and dark, but spring is always in sight, when the annual seaweed harvesting event takes place. For those brave enough to forage in the Pacific Ocean, the annual Nori Tori expedition takes place every February. We continue carry on this wonderful Foraging tradition each year and pass on the knowledge of responsible seaweed harvesting with those eager to learn.   

Gabriela Island, BC | Photo: Yukari Peerless

*Please note that this harvest takes place on Gabriola Island and does consume most of the day. We will be coordinating carpooling and other logistical information so please “sign-up” by way of email. This way we can communicate with all participants more easily.

For more information, please contact Bradley Kurushima at





参加登録や、その他質問等ございましたら、ブラッドリー・クルシマ にメールでご連絡ください。