Nihongo (日本語) – Japanese Language School

Victoria Japanese Heritage Language School Society (VJHLSS)

, Nihongo (日本語) – Japanese Language School, VNCSThe Victoria Japanese Heritage Language School was established in 1989 because they wanted to provide the opportunity for their children to become familiar with and learn Japanese in Victoria and they were also committed to creating a school environment where learning is enjoyable and fun.

Students may enroll in the school from age 4. The curriculum includes textbooks that are also used in Japan, as well as a variety of teaching materials, worksheets and content from the Internet. Lessons are based on a communicative approach that is aimed at developing student listening, reading, writing and speaking ability.

The Victoria Japanese Heritage Language School also places a strong emphasis on introducing Japanese customs and traditions, such as the importance of the four seasons in Japanese culture. Children enrolled at the school have the opportunity to explore and develop an interest their Japanese heritage while growing up in Canada. Many parents volunteer at the school as well.


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, Nihongo (日本語) – Japanese Language School, VNCSVictoria Japanese Heritage Language School Youth Choir at the Support Japan 2011 Hillside Mall Event