The Victoria – Morioka Friendship Society

The goal of our Victoria-Morioka Friendship Society is to promote mutual understanding, awareness and appreciation of the special relationship that exists between the twin-cities of Victoria and Morioka. Since the original Victoria-Morioka sister-city agreement was signed May 23, 1985, this has largely been accomplished through visitor exchanges of individuals and organizations that are a part of both our communities.

Morioka (population 290,000) is the capital of Iwate Prefecture and is a leading city in the Northern Tohoku District of Japan. It is situated at 39 degrees Latitude North and 141 degrees Longitude East.

The greater Morioka area is composed of Morioka City itself, and ten neighbouring towns which form a market of 500,000 people. Morioka serves as a distribution center for the Northern Tohoku area. As the capital of Iwate, it also plays a central role for political, economic, educational, cultural and medical activity.
– The above taken from the Victoria – Morioka Friendship Society homepage.

Bill McCreadie

For more information please visit the official Victoria – Morioka Friendship Society homepage: as well as the city of Morioka homepage:

, The Victoria – Morioka Friendship Society, VNCSThe Morioka Friendship Pole was sponsored by the Victoria-Morioka Friendship Society
and is a gift to the Citizens of Morioka from the Citizens of Victoria