Komorebi – Japanese Canadian Vancouver Island Book Club – Launching February 11, 2023

At our inaugural Komorebi Zoom, Kunio Yamagishi the author of The Shadow Returns will join us and talk about his novel. As well, Mike Abe will give a brief historical tour of Japanese Canadians on Vancouver Island.

On this day we will also explain the book club, figure out as a group ideas about our future schedule and book selections.

I hope that you can join us!

Let us know if you have any questions.


Starts Saturday, Feb 11 at 10:00am on Zoom.

 Komorebi (Japanese Canadian Vancouver Island Book Club) is a community healing space where members of the Japanese Canadian Community can get together and read books, share their stories, personal history and feelings.

The Book Club will gather for 6 months on Zoom at least once a month and in a few in person meetings (held in Victoria or Nanaimo). It will also be integrated with a private social network platform from which members can connect with everyone within the Komorebi community.

Japanese Canadians share a unique history and culture; there are many stories that are untold. We believe that it is now a safe time and place to start telling and relating to the emotional fabric that these stories contain. There are many feelings to process individually and collectively.

As we realize that there are many topics that will be difficult to deal with along the way, we have a registered counselor, Yumiko Kakutani https://kitsunevi.ca/ participating in these discussions and available to help guide our discussions in a healthy way.

All facilitators will be trained in ‘Circles for Change’ developed by Satsuki Ina https://www.satsukiina.com/

Komorebi is generously supported by the Anglican Healing Fund for Japanese Canadians and the National Association of Japanese Canadians.