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The Victoria Nikkei Cultural Society’s bilingual, English-Japanese Newsletter, The Victoria NIKKEI FORUM is published bi-monthly — 6 times a year.

Editorial Team 
Co-editors: Yukari PeerlessScott McDonald
Translators: Mieko Fedrau, Kana Mercer, Satoko Clayton   Masako Hegge, Rieko Hatakeyama, Yukari Peerless, Scott McDonald

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Volume 28, Issue 4 — July/August  2020

Nitobe Memorial Garden at UBC

Explore previous issues:

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Volume 28, Issue 2 — March/April 2020
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Article Submission Guidelines

We welcome submissions from the Nikkei community and those interested in Japanese culture in the greater Victoria area. Articles must be type-written in English, French, or Japanese.

  • Please submit your articles, photos, and flyers according to the following deadlines for each of the six (6) issues of our newsletter — January 5th, March 5th, May 5th, July 5th, September 5th, and November 5th, 2020  c/o Yukari Peerless, editor
  • If you are sending articles, please use: Microsoft Word/ Apple Pages, or a Google Doc, and attach to your email
  • Font: Arial, Size: 12, Title: bold. Spacing: single spaced lines. (N.B. Single space ONLY after periods and colons)
  • Dates should be written in full like the following: Sunday, August 2, 2020. (Avoid abbreviations please.)
  • Time should be written according to the following format: 10:30 AM – 1:30 PM
  • Cities should be written according to their legal format: City of Colwood, BC. (Note, no periods after the B and C)
  • If you are sending photos, please attach them as a JPG or PNG file, (logos should be the same.or as a PDF) and name the file with YOUR name and title, attach to your email
  • Failure to follow these may result in your submission missing the deadline. If you have questions or difficulty with any suggestions these formatting requirements, please contact, Scott McDonald, editor
  • Articles may be edited for space at the editorial team’s discretion
  • While we try to publish all relevant material, we cannot guarantee that all will be published


The VNCS was formed in 1993 to establish a sense of community for those of Japanese heritage and/or those interested in Japanese culture, living in the greater Victoria, B.C. area on Vancouver Island. 

The VNCS works with other community cultural organizations such as the National Association of Japanese CanadiansJapanese Friendship SocietyVictoria Japanese Language Heritage School Society, and the Victoria Morioka Friendship Society promoting Japanese culture and a sense of community in Victoria and throughout Canada.

The VNCS is registered under the BC Society Act, has charitable status (Victoria Nikkei Cultural Society Charity Number: 892201641-RR-0001) and is a member of the Intercultural Association of Greater Victoria.