Special Guests at this year’s Mochi Tsuki Kai

Okage Sana De

Okage Sama De -“I am what I am, because of you”

We would like to welcome some special guests from our fellow Japanese Canadian community in Calgary to our 2013 Mochi Tsuki Shinnen Kai.

Calgary Japanese Canadian Association board member John McMullin and Yudi Delisle (nee Takahashi) are currently visiting Victoria and would to introduce the CJCA’s new “History Preservation Project” book titled Okage Sama De which chronicles the history and of 138 different families living in Calgary and Southern Alberta, most of whom were relocated from British Columbia in 1942. This beautifully designed, hard covered book is the result of 5 years of dedicated effort, produced from personal interviews, reviewing pictures and editing the written biographies of the 138 families that participated in its development. Included with this book, is a DVD of 30 of these personal interviews, the histories of the various Japanese Community Groups and many colour and black and white photos, and more.

“Okage Sama De” which literally translated means “I am what I am, because of you”, is an amazing and terrific read for the younger generation to have a better understanding of hardships and, on the most part, the success stories that came from the hard work and determination of their ancestors. A truly educational, accurate and touching recorded history for generations to come.

John will have limited copies available for sale at the Mochi Tsuki Kai and if necessary can take deposits for orders to be delivered later in May. The cost of this book is $75. Shipping and handling are being waived on these purchases. E-mail to place your order on a first come first served basis. Payment and pick up can be made at the Mochi Tsuki Kai.