2023 Mochi-Tsuki Shinnen Kai



Presented by the Victoria Nikkei Cultural Society, the Japanese Friendship Society and the Victoria Japanese Heritage Language School Society
Esquimalt Rec Centre
2:30 PM – 5:15 PM (The door opens at 2:00 PM)
Details: Mochi-pounding and tasting, Japanese calligraphy contest, Hanetsuki, Fukuwarai, performances by Uminari Taiko, Language School Soran Dancers and Choir and Furusato Dancers

Dear Members of the Victoria Nikkei Cultural Society:

The Mochitsuki Shinnen Kai which was co-hosted by 3 Japanese groups located in Victoria prior to the Covid Pandemic is again being held after a 2-year break.

This event is co-hosted by the Victoria Nikkei Cultural Society, the Japanese Friendship Society and the Victoria Japanese Heritage Language School Society, for the purpose of celebrating together the New Year with their members, people of Japanese heritage and of different generations.

This event provides for families an opportunity to enjoy some traditional Japanese games, mochi-pounding and tasting and cultural performances. Please mark your calendar to attend this special private event which is not open to the public as it is a members’ only function!

As we are not yet completely out of the pandemic, the potluck (as previously held) has been cancelled.

Although the admission to this event is free, in order to help cover the cost, a donation box will be available at the reception area (suggested donation amount: $5 per person).

Mochi tasting will be available for free but your donation will always be welcomed. There will also be some pre-packaged snacks for sale, so please be sure to bring some cash.

Reminders for Safe Gathering:
COVID-19, flu and other viruses are still in our broader community. Here are some reminders to help keep our event safe for our members.

  • Masks are recommended during this event, but not required.
  • Please wash your hands and/or use hand sanitizers before eating/drinking.
  • Stay home if you are not feeling well or experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms on the day of the event.

Currently, there are no province-wide restrictions regarding COVID-19 in place. Please be advised that we may cancel this event if any provincial regulations become more stringent in the future and we find it difficult to hold the Mochitsuki Shinnen Kai on the day of the event.

POSTER & HAIKU CONTEST – Entries are still being accepted until January 6, 2023 – one prize will be awarded for each category (selection by random draw) so please submit your entry(s) if you haven’t already done so and are planning to do so. (Please see below for original information regarding the contest, thank you.)

VOLUNTEERS WANTED – Thank you to the members who have already volunteered to help put on this event. However, more assistance is needed as there are many tasks to “make it happen” and if you are able to help, please send in your name to info@vncs.ca.

We look forward to seeing you all there.
2023 Mochitsuki Shinnen Kai Planning Committee