Inside Community Photo-documentary Project (Oct.15-29)

Inside Community Photo-documentary Project

This project with the Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria is nearing the grand finale. Attached please find the details of the opening on Tuesday, October 15. Each of the four communities has produced a three and a half minute audio-visual presentation which provide a little glimpse or entry point into the richness of each of their communities. The goal of this project is to create pieces that will speak to the wider community and interest people in finding out more about what makes your community and heritage special.

The VNCS is pleased to be a participant in this project, with special thanks to our photographer, Noreen Scarth, committee members Hiroko and Alder Currie and Cristina Shore and to all the members of the JC community who provided input and support.

Please join them at the gallery on Oct. 15. The exhibit runs until October 29.

*Tuesday October 15 at Dales Gallery, 537 Fisgard St, 7-10pm*

This will be the opening of the photo exhibit, and the multimedia pieces will also be on display. Drop in any time between 7pm and 10pm. The exhibition will be open during gallery hours until October 31. Dales Gallery is near the foot of Fisgard Street in Chinatown.